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Announcement: Does ‘North Jersey’ Have an Identity Problem?

Why do Saturday Night Live and late night TV pundits constantly crack “New Jersey jokes”?
Do The Sopranos and Jersey Shore reflect north New Jersey reality?
Is the 1922 Edmund Wilson characterization of New Jersey as having “no independent life” but simply where people “sojourn on their way to something else” still valid?
Why is the perception of the area by outsiders generally negative?
Why do people who live here love it?
What is the REAL North Jersey story? Does anyone care?


North Jersey Story: Envisioning a Dynamic Future

The goal of Finding North Jersey—both the book and the program—is to determine what people love about the region, what they are most proud of. Then, following considerable discussion, to set forth a vision of the future they want to realize, and third, to brand that vital essence of the region to guide the creation of that future with purposeful action involving the people, businesses, associations, and organizations by pursuing that vision.